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Providing Excellence in Tuition Choreography & Training 

Welcome to H&K


Holly & Kavanagh Dance Academy is certified and registered with the leading worldwide governing body of Irish Dance and it’s development - An Coimisiún le Rincí Gaelacha. H&K is a registered school in the Leinster and Mid-Atlantic regions.

Since it’s establishment in 2013, H&K has gone on to achieve outstanding competitive success winning every “major” in the dancing calendar including the prestigious All Ireland and World titles multiple times. 

Their success has lead to many of their dancers being cast in international smash hits ‘Riverdance’, ‘Heartbeat of Home’ & ‘Feet of Flames’

Dancing with H&K


H&K offers a bespoke service, expertly tailoring dancers to reach their potential through individualized choreography and training. 

Our ethos is to develop the dancer both physically and mentally; allowing them to perfect their craft and perform confidently with self-esteem and pride in who they are and who they represent.

Directors:~ Niall Holly ADCRG & Joanne Kavanagh TCRG


~Niall Holly ADCRG was born and bred in Dublin and began his dancing career at the age 4 under the direction of Maria and Aileen Wogan where he went on to have outstanding success in the competitive field winning the Grand Slam of Irish Dance Titles - Leinster, All Ireland, British National, Great Britain, North American National and World Titles. Niall turned pro at the age of 16  where he enjoyed a decade long career performing alongside Michael Flatley in his productions of Lord of the Dance, Feet of Flames and Celtic Tiger, eventually stepping into Michael's role as principle lead in Lord of the Dance for a number of years. Niall is a certified dance teacher and adjudicator with An Coimisiún le Rincí Gaelacha and also holds BA (Hons) in History & Geography and an MA (Hons) in Irish -American Studies & politics. Niall was also a nominated member of the International Dance Council UNESCO CID - the highest body for dance in the world.
Video and TV credits include: Lord of the Dance 3D Movie (2010),Celtic Tiger(2005), Feet of Flames Raw Taiwan (2009), Superstars of Dance NBC,Dancing with the Stars ABC, Good Morning America ABC, The Today Show NBC,The Tony Danza Show, Jerry Lewis Telethon CBS. Commissioned to perform at Buckingham Palace for HRH Prince Charles.

~Joanne Kavanagh TCRG started dancing at the age of 3 in her native Derry with the McConomy School of Irish Dancing. Joanne’s immense talent for dance shone from an early age with her fastening Ulster, All Ireland, All Scotland, British National and American National titles as well as going on to win the Holy Grail of Irish Dancing -The World Championships three times. In 2005 Joanne turned professional and was hand picked to join a troupe for a World Tour of Michael Flatley's multi-million dollar production Celtic Tiger. Joanne has also enjoyed choreographing routines for various films and has taught many familiar faces including Andrea Corr, Bernard Hill and Colin Meany. Joanne is certified teacher TCRG with CLRG.